Sherlock Holmes *UPDATED*

When I heard that Guy Ritchie was going to helm a new interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary sleuth, my ears certainly pricked up. Afterall, Ritche is, whether some people want to admit it or not, one of the more brash and influential film directors of our time. Though he may have hit a few rough spots, it is because of his exploration of how stories are told that have led to some "failures." Like with all things, however, it is through those failures that things are learned and ideas refined. His understanding of English-style crime is arguably unmatched among his contemporaries.

Ritchie has stated that his version of Holmes will be very different from the Holmes we've known in film, but is still true to Conan Doyle's representation. Though we are familiar with Holmes' formidable intellect, his fighting skills and physical prowess has rarely if ever represented. It seems Ritchie aims to feature as much pugilism as there is deducing for Holmes and his partner, Watson. Add to the fact that he has attracted Robert Downey Jr. to play Holmes and Jude Law as Watson, and we have a recipe for something that could be quite savory. All that remains is for a formidable foe to push our heroes to the brink. Perhaps the above picture is a hint. Though the film is still in production, I look forward to posting the trailer in the near future.

Yahoo now hosts the Teaser Trailer in Standard and High-Def formats. First impressions? A super slow motion shot of Holmes hitting a man... definitely something you have never seen in a period film. This certainly teases some of the "cheeky" parts of this updated portrayal, but I will be looking forward to the full trailer that should also give a preview of the overall tone and themes. Certainly looks entertaining at this point.

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