ScoJo as Black Widow. Um, Thanks?

Superherohype reports from another report that ScoJo is a lock as Black Widow.

Wasn't expecting this, and frankly don't know what to think. Stunt casting? Really good agent? Oh, for sure, I can stare at Ms. Johansson for hours and find her striking and immensely photogenic. The thought of her traipsing around with grappling hooks and machine guns is pretty exciting... However, the inaugural Iron Man set a pretty high standard for acting in these silly superhero flics we love, and I'm not going too far out on a limb to suggest someone might find themselves a tad behind in class. I have seen Johansson in many a film and she can get the job done, I far from dislike her on film. But Woody Allen maven or not, as far playing opposite Downey Jr., I'm having a hard time seeing her as more than attractive in black leather. Shame on me, I know, but I will be happy to be proven wrong.

(art in the above by Dan Brereton. If you know the photographer for the lovely companion shot, let us know!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm personally glad that they've chosen someone WITH acting chops than someone who just fits the costume...the fact that ScoJo has the physique as well is just icing on the cake, if you could pardon the expression

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